<h2>THE RESTAURANT</h2><p>Enjoy authentic greek food combined with the most idyllic view in a magical location...</p> <h2>EVENT HALL</h2><p>Select our restaurant to host any special occasion...</p> Slideshow image <h2>MENU</h2><p>There is a big variety of local plates and exquisite wines in order to satisfy every taste!</p>
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The "Panorama" restaurant invites you to enjoy unforgettable Cycladic flavors. By respecting the history of Greek cuisine and our carefully selected materials, we make dishes that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The spacious parking and impeccable service are two additional reasons to visit us.
We welcome you in the morning with breakfast and coffee and during noon for lunch. In the afternoon you can enjoy an idyllic setting overlooking the most famous and breathtaking sunset in the world.
All the above, of course, with the most affordable prices!