<h2>THE RESTAURANT</h2><p>Enjoy authentic greek food combined with the most idyllic view in a magical location...</p> <h2>EVENT HALL</h2><p>Select our restaurant to host any special occasion...</p> Slideshow image <h2>MENU</h2><p>There is a big variety of local plates and exquisite wines in order to satisfy every taste!</p>
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You can choose between the inside or the outside of “Panorama” restaurant in order to host the most beautiful day of your life and celebrate with all your beloved people. Plan a lunch or dinner with the view of the most beautiful sunset! “Panorama” restaurant is available for any special occasion.

Our talented chefs can create for you and your guests special menus based on local ingredients. Our experienced staff will perfectly organize any detail.

Contact us in order to answer any questions about the space planning and the number of your guests. You can also have the opportunity to try our dishes and choose the menu that satisfies your taste the most! Trust our team so as to have a really memorable event!